In the Tall Grass - Stephen King

In the Tall Grass

By Stephen King

  • Release Date: 2012-10-09
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Score: 4
From 288 Ratings


Mile 81 meets “N.” in this eBook collaboration between Stephen King and Joe Hill.

As USA TODAY said of Stephen King’s Mile 81: “Park and scream. Could there be any better place to set a horror story than an abandoned rest stop?” In the Tall Grass begins with a sister and brother who pull off to the side of the road after hearing a young boy crying for help from beyond the tall grass. Within minutes they are disoriented, in deeper than seems possible, and they’ve lost one another. The boy’s cries are more and more desperate. What follows is a terrifying, entertaining, and masterfully told tale, as only Stephen King and Joe Hill can deliver.


  • Don’t waste your $

    By Mr. Furleys Scarf
    Why did King even bother?
  • 5 Stars for another SK Twister!!!!

    By lady420
    The story by page may be short, however it goes a very long way. Twist and turns around every "blade of grass". The undercurrent of the story is reminiscent of "Under the Dome" but being under a Dome may be a better fate than what lies ahead for the characters in this short story. As all King fans have come to love and enjoy, innocence quickly turns to confusion, far out experiences and inevitably, (without disappointment) blood begins to drip from the page.
  • Do you love?

    By Screwnicknames555
    What a waste. Same story, different location. Read The Raft and just substitute field of grass for the oil slick looking thing. King has done this story too many times.
  • Disgusting

    By Amynreyes
    I just want to caveat by saying I have enjoyed Joe Hills work in the past but this book was disgusting. There could have been a warning that the content was beyond disturbing. Wish I never spent my money on this garbage. This short story does nothing to explain anything in the plot behind the black rock. It does however go out of its way to broach the most disturbing scene I have ever read in my life! As a mother this was beyond appalling. Do not read this, it is garbage. It made me want to vomit, literally. You are a sick sick person to write this.
  • Disturbing

    By Benny colella
    Didn't enjoy this one at all. Extremely disturbing and just wrong on so many levels.
  • In the tall grass

    By Jimokeys
    More Stephen King fun. Short, sweet and spooky.
  • Gave me the willies

    By Chrashtopher
    Nasty piece of work. I appreciate that from time to time.
  • In the tall grass

    By Jen g1970
    I thought it was good! I just wished it was a little longer!
  • In The Tall Grass

    By DaddyRandom
    The beginning was intriguing- pulling you in & wanting more... But it never panned out or fulfilled the potential it had- it just turned into another gory sci-fi... Very disappointed.
  • Amsome

    By Hiiighbrooklyn
    In my opinion feel all of Stephen Kings books are amazing WE ALL KNOW STEPHEN KING IS THE BEST and I think it was great and come from an 12 year old u should BELIVE me 😘 ps joe messed it up FOR ALL YOU STEPHEN KING FAN WE KNOW THIS